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A Dungeons and Dragons universe with one large difference. In areas of high elemental concentration, magical objects known as Orbs are created. These magical objects imbue the power of the element in which they are born. The Campaign surrounds TeDa, Flickin, Lisan, Madeline & Vadania are such creatures in this Continuing Saga facing crafty opponents and fierce Monsters.


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  • Dull Moon is a province within the continent Rankor.
  • Craknör is the capital of the province Dull Moon. This is where the Governor resides.
  • Apathy is a town within the province Dull Moon. The town is under a mysterious curse which causes all of it’s residents to not give a hoot.
  • Brockville is a town within the province Dull Moon. The town was recently being berated constantly by an elder Hill Giant in the nearby forest.
  • Barrow Grove is a town to the east of Brockville. Nothing much is known of this city, albeit, it can be assumed that it was also being terrorized by the Hill Giant.
  • Augment is a town to the south east of Apathy.
  • Bramble Mountain is a mountain in the province of Dull Moon which is to the east of Apathy and Brockville. It was hallowed out decades ago to serve as a prison for dissidents. But not much is known of it’s history.
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