Nick Swashbangor

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Nick Swashbangor

A NPC in Dungeons and Dragons



He stands about 6 feet tall and has a gray grizzled beard that reaches his chest.

He is in constant company with his mysterious invisible friend George.

He has a loyal Blood Hound named Bruno.

Back Story

Nick Swashbangor is a political rabble-rouser who got his comeuppance one day when, while on a soapbox in Apathy, he complained about the state of the town. The townsfolk, while apathetic to his cause, none the less imprisoned him in a nearby system of caves by placing his wanted poster on a city street post, and having Ranock Splick do the rest.

He lost his hand while trying to escape from Ranock. The only kindness Ranock has ever shown, was to cauterize the wound.

Magic Ability



His lost arm was replaced with a large metallic clockwork metal arm. A small precise crossbow fixed atop it was a present from Waxon Wayne.

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